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No.31 ShaTan North Street Dongcheng District Beijing City,100009

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Redwall Hotel Beijing

PEK_REDW of Redwall Hotel Beijing

Redwall Hotel Beijing located 10 minutes walk to go out the right hand rear door to the National Palace Museum and Jingshan Park, Beihai Park in Sakon; left are fruit shop, Internet cafes, and restaurants, it is very better than another beijing hotels.

Room reservation is five nights, to move into the future when the Miss to upgrade to Deluxe Room, a very intimate feeling.

Check-in Office, have two computers for two seats, but only one check-in charge of reception, Miss, we have in front of foreign guests for a long time delay, we had no choice but to patiently wait for the more than 40 minutes. Was next to the check-out line, we heard that Miss intended only to help us through the check. Proposed hotel guests will be admitted into the scheduled and non-scheduled, will increase efficiency.

Shower when the water flow from the bathroom shower curtain on both sides of the floor, it is proposed to set up Water Curb bath.

Comparison of clean towels, but hard, in one flavor, it is recommended the use of spun gold.

Services are in place.

I Love the beijing hotel better than many other hotels beijng.


Overall, I feel very good living Redwall Hotel Beijing with standard rooms, the style is in some sense, although facilities are very old but tenderness
In the first day, because the bath temperature had problems to solve customer, soon come, service attitude is better
I live in the room, restaurant is on the water is heating water over collective takes time, if the next service personnel can help guests think might be better. To clean my room attendant, don't know what is in here, under the counter, praise, and is the attitude is very good with smile service.
But I dare not to guard personnel, looks very poor discipline, often together chat smoking,
Sometimes see guests also not actively, sometimes open door didn't go shopping, many things back into it with his door, shoulder, if such bad mood is not automatic installation in the doorway, smoking, guests in twos and threes next taxi also not to help, looking at things in, carry on guest is 4 star hotel in all these details should be noticed.
Overall, very satisfied, if have the opportunity to do there, My girlfriend live many Beijing hotel,but she like Chinese style style, from the scenic spot is very near, so booked two days and renewal living la.
But the popularity and Beijing hotel in some of the taxi driver doesn't know that, thanks to my stay in Beijing Hotels for several years should be in the hotel marketing fluctuation.
If my friend come to Beijing, I recommend to relatives and friends with redwall hotel beijing!

In the evening  Dragon Boat Festival with my boyfriend to go the Redwall hotel Bijing, romantic, he chose specially with bath room, evening in the red lights are drag happiness ah, good service, and room environment is very exquisite, like there, don't go back, occasionally also good luxury a: oh, I live in many Beijing hotels, a lot of that is an impressive, next time, if a friend go to Beijing, I recommend Beijing red hotel with them.

I just returned from a trip in China. First of all the location of the Redwall hotel Beijing ist excellent. You can reach the Jin Shan park, the Beihai park and the forbidden city easyly. It is also near the the Wangfujing Street. There is a supermarket near the redwall hotel in the Shatan Hutong, where you can buy drinking water and snacks.T. We got a replacement dryer from the housekeepers, which also only worked for five minutes.If you are just looking for three stars hotel beijing in a good location this Beijing hotel is a reasonable choise.

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